Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day20: Neophyte Shot

A mis-communication regarding time frames this morning led me to see Stalin off from his hotel at 11:30 this morning. I had to pick up a scale he was using to weigh his luggage and a small tv used to test out a PS2 purchased earlier in the week. I stopped at the gas station on the way over and picked up a couple oversized Heinekens for us to kill while we waited for the airport shuttle.
I like the celebratory nature of the shot as I know Stalin has been eagerly anticipating his return to his homeland and family for some time now.

Day20: Shooting the End

Stalin's assignment has come to an end and he is in the air now somewhere between Foat Wuth and Hyderabad. The objectives we had when we started this blog were accomplished. I am fairly certain he saw Fort Worth in a way he would not have if we hadn't put the photo spin on our lunch hours. I am completely certain that my learning objectives were met - the knowledge sharing and discussions were very enjoyable.
We went out more than 20 days but didn't always yield blog worthy photos. We also slacked at the end in getting some posts up. We are going to try to improve on consistency for our next blog.
Thanks for all the comments!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Day19: Stalin shot

1/250 f10 ISO1
Working on the other picture. Will be posting very soon.

Day19: Shooting Water

A trip to the lake is always a good idea on a friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we were required to return to work within an hour. I had not been to Lake Worth before and Stalin provide navigation. We did not locate the premiere entry point - but, we were able to get close to the shore.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day18: Neophyte Shot

"Don't mess with Texas"
This officer was kind enough to strike a pose. He was at the same location as the Day3 shot. Likely the same cop - however, the Day3 shot does not give a good enough angle to do a mustache verification.

Day18: Stalin shot

You are in Q... Plz wait...
No intended subject for today. We wanted create interest with some of the most common objects. Neophyte was laughing while I was taking the picture of news paper stands. But I liked those different colors.

1/125 f8.0 ISO100

I found this apparatus on the road while we are passing by a construction site.

Day18: Shooting Randomness

The thought of another day at the airfield was too much even for Stalin - so, we headed downtown. No particular subject in mind. We wandered thru "mid-town" Fort Worth snapping for about 45 minutes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Day17: Neophyte Shot


Day17: Stalin shot

1/160 f8.9ISO100

1/200 f10 ISO100

Day17: Shooting Statues

Down to the cultural district to hunt for statues at the Will Rogers Coliseum. We saw a couple of interest and plenty of people at an equesterian show.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Day16: Neophyte Shot

This is similar to a shot posted on a previous airstrip outing. However, this subject is benefiting from the $3 filter purchased on one of our previous outings to sidewalk sale at a local camera shop.

Day16: Shooting Air 3

The chase for the elusive bomber continues. This day we had several smaller planes taking off and landing. No bomber, but the day offered more than sweating in the WalMart parking lot. That's definitely something to be thankful for.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day15: Neophyte Shot

These guys definitely recognized the camera. They struck more than a few poses. I liked the old man expressions on their faces. I uploaded all the shots from the day to a new google photo album here. Some nice features google is offering including exif data (select more by the photo) and spot for commenting on the photos in the album.

Day15: Stalin Shot

1/160 f5.0 ISO100
Its very tough to pose for a lunch hour photographer in 102F heat. This particular Zebra is out all the time, like a new Indian heroin, striking poses to every one around. We wanted to capture some big cats. But all our plans went in vein due to heat factor.

Day15: Shooting Animals

This outing is of note for a few reasons: there would be plenty of subjects and we had to pay an entrance fee. We headed out on half price day(Weds) to the Fort Worth Zoo. We learned that in addition to bright afternoon light that the Zoo offered challenges like shadows galore thanks to the greenery and lethargic animals thanks to the blazing heat.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Day14: Neophyte Shot

With this shot you can get a sense of the challenges faced by Stalin in the processing of his snap. Away with the trees, lightpost, and chain link fence. Oh, and the haze.

Day14: Stalin Shot

This is the panoramic view of Dallas skyline. Lot of haze on the day we shot skyline. We are very lucky to get this shot from a location where we have to stop our car on the shoulder and climb up to the nearest hill. Lot of PS work done on this to get the clear image of the skyline.

Day14: Shooting Dallas?

Today we headed east. The office is right off of I30 and we decided to zip down it for 25 minutes or so and pull over to get a skyline shot of Dallas. The first pull over, and hill climb, did not provide the needed visibility. Depth perception was off on the size of the hill we were climbing and the billboards across the highway. We got back in and headed for the next stop. We wandered down a couple of side streets and saw what looked like could be a good view - if we could get permission to enter the fenced in storage facility. Permission granted and the view from the back of the grounds was not as stellar as hoped but we clicked. Coming back to the car we caught the street signed pictured above. I wanted to shoot Stalin there and while he was getting into position - he came to realize that the street corner was a far superior view of the skyline than our storage area.