Friday, August 04, 2006

Day14: Shooting Dallas?

Today we headed east. The office is right off of I30 and we decided to zip down it for 25 minutes or so and pull over to get a skyline shot of Dallas. The first pull over, and hill climb, did not provide the needed visibility. Depth perception was off on the size of the hill we were climbing and the billboards across the highway. We got back in and headed for the next stop. We wandered down a couple of side streets and saw what looked like could be a good view - if we could get permission to enter the fenced in storage facility. Permission granted and the view from the back of the grounds was not as stellar as hoped but we clicked. Coming back to the car we caught the street signed pictured above. I wanted to shoot Stalin there and while he was getting into position - he came to realize that the street corner was a far superior view of the skyline than our storage area.


Blogger jamie said...

neo, did you explain to stalin the implications of standing on a street corner???

nice shot

5:05 AM  

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